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Statement Regarding Rumors

Updated 8APR: The original Deadspin article is supposedly a "hoax".

We have been asked to comment recently on rumors circulation about the personal lives of Villanova's student athletes. The rumor in question comes in about a dozen varieties, all of them are easier to prove wrong than to verify. is not a gossip blog and it would not be fair the the players (who are still amateurs and not well-paid public figures) to spread rumors that could defame them and perhaps even constitute libel.

Villanova's media relations chief, Michael Sheridan recently responded to a inquiry about these rumors by noting that there is, "Absolutely no truth to it." He went on to state that:

While we generally don't respond to inquiries based on gossip, the items in the forwarded email are so off base and hurtful to our student-athletes we feel compelled to do so. There is absolutely no truth to the rumors described in those emails. As Coach Wright indicated when it happened, the decision not to start Scottie and Corey against Robert Morris was the result of a minor matter having to do with game preparation.