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Great Expectations: Taylor King


Video by Sean Donovan

We all all have our opinions about Taylor King's season. He came to Villanova amid high-expectations for his ability to shoot the ball, but may have made more of an impact on the boards this year. King was the 'Cats' second-leading rebounder, but scored just 0.1 more points per game more than Reggie Redding -- good for 5th place on the team.

He was a pretty efficient shooter this year at 42.1%, but he saw less than 20 minutes per game. He had games where he could score double-digits and lead the team and some where he could do the dirty work on the boards (Ole Miss, Delaware and Syracuse come to mind). As the season wore on, however, King seemed to become less productive, perhaps as a function of the team's slide in general in February.

By the end of the season, Taylor King had been benched against West Virginia and went from a high of 33 minutes against Temple, to lows of 2 minutes in the Big East tournament, and just 9 minutes against St. Mary's.

Our favorite video editor, Sean Donovan, took a look on the bright-side, however, to provide a video-recap of Taylor King's 2009-2010 highlights. Hopefully next year, Taylor will return to form and overwhelm Sean with clips for his reel.

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