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Dear Scottie: Drink Plenty of Water

Scottie Reynolds will need to drink a lot of water if the folks at 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. are correct. They are reporting tonight that Reynolds was picked up by the Phoenix Suns.

Around Noon today (June 26th), Scottie confirmed this rumor on his Facebook page, stating:

Hey everyone i appreciate all y'alls thoughts and the support. I am in a good place both mentally and physically. Now I can tell y'all that i got on with the Phoenix Suns so keep supporting me and the Suns. LUV Y'ALL

I am currently trying to determine whether Scottie has a contract in hand or just a Summer League invite. With a Summer League invite, he could still land with almost any NBA team after a good performance (though Phoenix would likely sign him early in the proceedings if he were playing well). A contract to an undrafted player before any summer workouts is rare, but not unprecedented -- Allan Ray was signed to a contract by Danny Ainge's Boston Celtics before any summer action in 2006, on the strength of his college career.

More to come?