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Big East Roundtable

The East Coast Bias, a blog that specializes in St. Johns basketball and eastern sports has been running a series of Big East blogger Roundtable posts. The first installment is a discussion of departures from various Big East teams as well as the blogger's anticipation for how those holes will be filled in the coming season.

Big East Roundtable July: Pt 1

The second installment discusses each school's new freshman class of players, and how the bloggers think they will fit into the mix.

Big East Roundtable July: Pt 2

The third part is a discussion of 2011 recruiting around the Big East. Who has already committed, offers outstanding, and guys that coaches would love to have.

Big East Roundtable July: Pt 3

The fourth part poses the question: Will 2010-2011 be a "down year" for the Big East? Has it been "down" recently?

Big East Roundtable July: Pt 4

I'll warn you that some of these get a little repetitive with three Villanova blogs participating: Villanova By the Numbers, The Nova Blog and, of course, However, the roundtable is a must-read if you want to know what to expect from our Big East rivals this season.