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Big East / SEC Invitational

Villanova by the Numbers just posted the news that the Big East and SEC are likely to let the Big East/SEC Invitational expire after the initial four-year contract ends this season. As greyCat wrote:

The most memorable game in the Invitational series is probably the LSU-Villanova game from the Invitational's first season (December 2007). Played in the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Villanova, down through most of the game, and trailing by 15 with 3:30 left in the second half, put on a closing blitz which stunned the Tigers and allowed the Wildcats to win it at the buzzer, 68-67.

VBTN also notes that the Invitational was flawed from the beginning, playing only four games, rather than a true top-to-bottom challenge format like the ACC/Big Ten and without the possibility of the Battle for the Bluegrass match-up between Louisville and Kentucky ever being a part of it.

With the recent conference shake-up between the Pac-10 and Big XII conferences, we may also see their challenge, the "Hardwood Series" come to an end. Could the Big East find a match with either of those conferences? The Big XII could potentially provide more compelling match-ups for television audiences.