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[Rumour] Darrun Hilliard to Choose 'Nova

Northstar Basketball has sent out a quick tweet that Liberty HS rising Senior, Darrun Hilliard will announce a verbal commitment to Villanova tomorrow.

Wednesday Update: Hilliard will make his announcement at a press conference at Liberty HS today at 5p ET.

The 6'4" Bethleham, PA native had been getting a host of Mid-Major offers but has used a solid performance on the Summer AAU circuit to land scholarship offers from major schools- Villanova included.

The lefty is known for his shooting prowess, but Dave Telep from Scout noted that he can "can rebound and he’s an underrated passer."

Other scouting reports note true Villanova Basketball Player qualities; "He listens to his coach, does things for the team and excels at what his coach needs him to do and gets the job done."

We'll keep you posted on this rumour...