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James Bell Update

Villanova’s Mike Sheridan reported yesterday in his Nova Notebook series that James Bell appears to be recovering well from his surgery. As VUHoops first reported on Sept. 10, "Villanova’s Orthopedic Surgeon inserted metal rods into both of Mr. Bell's legs from the knee to the ankle. The rods will do two things: stimulate new healing around the fractures and stabilize the tibia."

The surgery went well and, after two weeks, it's hard to tell from seeing Bell on campus that he has been dealing with such significant injuries. Bell first felt the pain in his lower legs after returning from a USA Basketball 18-and-under tryout in June."

What are the chances Bell will see the floor this season? "In my mind, it's too soon to even start thinking about that," says Bell. Coach (Jay) Wright and I have talked and the big thing he told me is that he wants me to be focused on my rehab and recovery."

Bell first suffered a stress fracture in his right leg as a junior at Montverde "that appeared to have healed. However, he was bothered by soreness during his senior year in 2009-10 and wasn't quite sure why. "I thought it was shin splints," he says. I really couldn't do what I wanted to out on the court," he said."

As I read Mike Sheridan's article, it occurred to me that we that we have yet to see the play of a healthy James Bell. If he mends as hoped, I find myself wondering if we have a future great on our hands.