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Villanova Basketball Players Apparently Banned from Twitter

It seems as though Villanova students and basketball fans on Twitter won't be hearing from members of the 'Nova Basketball squad until the end of the season.

On Friday, Freshman JayVaughn Pinkston, soph Dom Cheek, and walk-on Dallas Ouano all posted tweets along the line of "Goodbye".

Ouano's, was the most telling; Goodbye twitter, see you in April.

None of the current 7 Wildcats who are on Twitter have tweeted since.

This seems to be a unilateral move by the Men's Basketball team. Players from the Football and Men's Soccer Team are still active on the social media site.

The Social Media policy is in effect for a number of Football teams; Boise St., Texas Tech, Miami (FL), New Mexico St. Of those four schools, only Chris Peterson's squad in Boise was done as a pre-emptive strike before the season started. The other bans came in effect after tweets were posted by players. Randy Shannon, the Head Coach of the Miami (FL) Football Team even blamed Twitter for the Canes' loss to Ohio St.

In collegiate hoops, Mark Fox has banned his Georgia team from using Twitter.

The move makes sense if it has been implemented by Jay Wright. Basketball season is approaching. Twitter can be a distraction, and the time to focus on Houston has begun.

The University has not replied to inquiries on the situation.