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Villanova Football's Top Recruit?


Jamal Abdur-Rahman committed to play for Andy Talley back in August, choosing our beloved Main Line alma mater over BCS AQ notables like Maryland and Purdue as well as local rivals Temple. At the time, he cited his belief that he would fit best into the Villanova offense (which is comparable to his high school's system at La Salle).

At the high school level, Rahman plays tailback, slot receiver, defensive back and occasionally some QB -- sound like anyone who wears a number between 1-5? He considers himself a natural tailback, however, and that will be his primary position at the college level.

He's come a long way from playing on the offensive and defensive lines at age 10, but that was just a pit stop on his path to becoming a dominant runningback with NFL dreams.

A well-spoken young man, he certainly understands what is important in college sports:

PFM: Last questions…doors are opening up for you now…What would be your advice to prospects in the area?
Jamal: Don’t just look at D-1, it’s 1-AA, also. If you want to go to the NFL they will find you. It’s more about the free education.

Rahman is a three-star recruit at the moment, but he may be one of the more underrated players at his position. Based on the highlight reel above, it's not hard to imagine him tearing off some big runs against Villanova's opponents next season. For the Wildcats, signing a three-star recruit is always a recruiting coup -- and right now, Rahman is at the head of his class.