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This Dallas Isn't a Cowboy

We don't give much attention to walk-on players because there isn't usually very much to say about them. Unless some controversy arises, the walk-on is a quiet addition to a squad who gets a minute here and there in blow-outs. Some walk-on players are granted scholarships, others go on to actually make an impression -- most keep the bench warm.

Junior walk-on Dallas Ouano is far more likely to be keeping the bench warm this year and next than anything else. However, it's the offseason, so let's take a look at what the Wildcats have got.

Ouano played high school basketball at Jersey Shore powerhouse (and lately a St. Anthony's rival) Christian Brothers Academy. While there he played for the legendary "Coach Wiz" and his successor, Geoff Billet (a former star at Rutgers). While at CBA, Ouano was recruited by Villanova as a "preferred walk-on" and joined the unheralded group of practice players who support the program from behind the scenes.

A 6'0", 190-pound point guard, Ouano provides an emergency ball-handler should the 'Cats suffer injuries to both Maalik Wayns and Corey Fisher. While such a catastrophic situation may seem unlikely for the 'Cats, having an extra point guard on the bench can never really be a bad thing.

When Ouano isn't on the hardwood, the Colt-turned-Wildcat has spent his time working as a Career Assistant at the Career Services office, reviewing resumes and helping his classmates. He is a Finance and Accounting dual-major in the Villanova School of Business.

The following is the only YouTube video I could find of the kid. He's endorsing the Rich Stoner basketball boot camp:


At least it shows that he worked hard to get into basketball shape.


I admit it: this post only exists because it's author is also an alumnus of Christian Brothers Academy. Go Colts!