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Jay Wright Interview with In The Paint

Never hearing of In The Paint magazine, the skepticism was high when I cam across the publication's 1-on-1 Interview with Jay Wright.

In the interview, "The Top Cat" puts words to the beliefs that many of the Villanova Fan know is at the core of the program.

Coach Wright clearly noted, "the #1 thing I look for is a passion for the game" when considering future Villanovans. He wants gym rats and people who are willing to put in effort, even in the off-season.

He added that his fundamental belief of the Villanova Family is rooted in the values that were instilled when he was an assistant under Rollie Massimino. The team is family.

Wright went on to discuss "1 & Done" players. "I don't have any problems with the issue. We just want a player to know what our program is all about." He adds that if a Villanovan is an NBA Lottery Pick, "I'm going to make him go."

So go, check out the article. It's definitely worth the read.