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Maalik's Final Season as a Wildcat?

BleacherReport’s Justin Kundrat fuels speculation that Maalik Wayns will jump to the NBA after the upcoming season. He writes, "scouts are raving about Maalik’s potential at the next level. He’s strong, exceptionally quick, and athletic enough to compensate for his slightly undersized 6’1" frame. currently puts Maalik at 19th in the upcoming draft rankings and the third best point guard overall. ranks him at No. 60 in terms of NBA prospects and ninth among all NCAA sophomores."

"[Maalik] will need to prove to scouts that he can run [an elite team] on his own and consistently fuel [the] offense through both passing and scoring. The fundamentals are there. And there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will find himself in the NBA some day. If Kyle Lowry made the jump, then so too can Maalik Wayns. It’s all just a matter of when."

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