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Big East Media Day Preview

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Other than Hoops Mania, the signpost of the impending college basketball season at Villanova is the Big East Media Day, an annual event where the conference gathers coaches, players and writers at Madison Square Garden. It's an opportunity to hear what the coaches, players, and commissioner have to say about the upcoming basketball season -- they will also reveal the coaches preseason poll.

This year, I will be attending the media day, thanks to the "Naughty Volvo" campaign and their website (which should go live relatively soon). Volvo is promoting their new S60 by signing on as a sponsor of the Big East this season -- and they have selected 15 Big East bloggers to go to their Media Day as well as a game later in the season (tentatively the St. Joes game) as part of the program.

As far as VUhoops is concerned, don't expect the site to turn into a giant Volvo ad. I will include a short note on any post related to a Volvo sponsored event, and you may see some mentions of "#naughtyvolvo" on my twitter feed during those events.

Back on point: Big East Media Day is Wednesday and I will be covering it from New York. If I get the chance, I hope to answer a few important questions about the coming season: What will Villanova's starting line-up look like? What position will JayVaughn Pinkston be playing? What is the progress of James Bell's recovery so far? Will the triangle-and-2 defense show its face again this season? Can we out-do 50 Cent's 2007 Hoops Mania appearance?

What I'd love is for you to let me know what burning questions you have about Villanova or any other Big East program in the comments.

In the meantime, I'm planning another post on Wednesday from the Media Day, summing up the day's events, and a final wrap-up and Big East preview on Thursday.