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Villanova Hoops Mania Recap

Hoops Mania has come and gone, and now it's to the rest of Homecoming weekend. From a couple of emails I received, the night was a huge success and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Here are some notes below, and you can find a link to a video of the event, courtesy of current student Brittany Ewing towards the bottom.

  • All of the players arrived in separate expensive cars with girls and started to do 'Dancing With The Stars' with their respective woman. (Video of Maurice Sutton below)
  • Jay Wright showed up wearing a GTL shirt (Gym-Tan-Laundry for all of you non-Jersey Shore fans), gave the crowd a Pauly D 'T-Shirt Time!' and threw some shirts into the crowd. This may be my favorite development of all.
  • The dunk contest consisted of Dominic Cheek, Sutton, Maalik Wayns, and reigning champ Isaiah Armwood. Armwood and Wayns made it to the finals with Zeke prevailing yet again.
  • Fabolous was apparently unbelievable, performing well over 10 songs. Great to hear that we got a big-time musical guest AND he gave a real concert.
  • The scrimmage was pretty physical, which is both good and bad. I'm glad they took it seriously but you don't want anyone getting hurt when all the students want to see are alley-oops.

A big thanks again to Brittany Ewing for getting highlights up so quickly. You can watch her video on Facebook here. Hopefully more video of the event emerges soon.