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Maurice Sutton Season Preview

He's one of the most intriguing players on the roster, and while he had his ups and down last season, all reports out of Villanova are suggesting that Maurice Sutton may be primed for a breakout year, following a solid debut-campaign last season.

Not much was expected out of Mo last season, but he stepped up admirably while Mouphtaou Yarou recovered from a bout with Hepatitis B. Even when Mouph returned, Sutton helped out as needed with Villanova frequently in foul trouble over the remainder of the season.

There isn't another player on the Villanova roster can be compared to Sutton, and while he certainly has not reached his potential yet, he showed 'Nova Nation what he could be capable on a nightly basis -- leaving us all craving more.

The Maurice Sutton preview continues after The Jump.

Mo Sutton took a red-shirt during his freshman season (208-2009) -- which is appearing to be the correct decision. Sutton came to Villanova without much fanfare, and was labeled a project by many. He was very skinny, and at best could be considered a defensive presence. But he wasn't ready to handle the seasoned BIG EAST big men that he would have to face.

It was the same story at the beginning of last season. Sutton had put on some mass and the word was he definitely looked more equipped to contribute, but with Isaiah Armwood and Yarou, two highly touted recruits arrived on campus, few expected Mo to be more than a deep-bench option.

That all changed when on the morning of the 'Cats first game in Puerto Rico, news broke that Yarou was being sent home with a viral infection. Maurice Sutton was thrust into the spotlight as the backup to Antonio Pena, and he performed well enough to restore 'Nova Nation's confidence in the team.

Sutton only finished last season averaging 10 minutes a game, 1.8 points per game, 2.3 rebounds per game, and 1 block per game. I'm not expecting an All-BIG EAST season out of him, but I think all of those numbers will go up, especially the blocks.

His offensive game is still developing, but he's become a menace down low as his size and leaping ability make him a defensive presence to reckon with. Even if he only blocks 1-2 shots a game, he'll alter countless others, making it easier for Villanova's guards to be a little more risky on the perimeter knowing they have some insurance down low.

With a whole season behind him, Mo Sutton should be a solid contributor to a Wildcats team trying to find a new identity in the post-Scottie Reynolds era.