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The Nova Blog To Blame For Villanova Basketball Twitter Ban

No, I'm not kidding. According to Brian Ewart of VUhoops (and you know, the video evidence below), Jay Wright finally gave an explanation as to why he decided to ban in-season Twitter use for his team. I remember what this happened, and the utter disapointment of the news to everyone. So who's at fault here?

According to Wright,the media is to blame.

Mea culpa. You'll remember this, this, and oh yeah, finally this as the result. At the time of the ban, I remember thinking,"F*ck, now I won't get 250 tweets that are straight comedy everyday."

Turns out the joke is on me. I'm not that sorry though. I'm half upset (for ruining Dominic Cheek's Hall-of-Fame Twitter account for everyone), but also I'm kind of proud of myself to be the cause of such a notable event. And then finally I'm half scared (yep, 3 halves. I promise I graduated from Villanova) that The Don Jay Wright is going to send a button man to my apartment shortly.

(I don't live in New York City, Jay. I swear)

Let your hate rain all over me.