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You Don't Have To Love Us, But Please 'Like' Us

The higher-ups at SB Nation have launched a new internal promotion amongst the workers -- basically, let's see who can have the most people 'Like' them on Facebook. They are paying out different levels of hard-earned American currency based on how many people end up liking us on Facebook.

Now, this isn't some shameless plug (okay, it is) to get more money in my pocket. I'm a man of the people -- anything that comes to me from this promotion is going directly back to you in some way, shape or form. We'll even have an awesome poll on how it will come back to you. The Nova Blog merchandise? A keg at the first Wells Fargo game of the year? We'll leave if up to the readers.

But to get that poll I know you're dying for, you'll have to put in about 5 seconds of manual labor. If you scroll down the right sidebar of our page, you'll see we are at a paltry 24. Twenty-freaking-four! And the majority of that is the Villanova Men's Soccer team -- God love 'em!

So please, go down the right sidebar and click 'Like' on our Facebook widget, or go directly to The Nova Blog Facebook Page, and 'Like' us there. It will really raise at our self-esteem at the very least.

Gracias, muchachos!