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Send It In Isaiah!

Hello there, interwebs. I know most of you are in a tizzy over the latest shenanigans courtesy of the dongslinger, but we've got player previews to get to! Like the rest of you, I fell in love with him at first sight.

Hailing from Baltimore, the 6-7 forward enters his second season with the 'Cats looking to improve on an interesting freshman campaign. I say "interesting" because while Zeek showed moments of PURE brilliance last year, his inability to remain on the court forced Coach Wright to employ the quick hook.

Now this is understandable and expected for any BIG EAST freshman, especially an undersized "active" forward on a guard heavy squad such as Villanova. However - and I'm sure he'd would be the first to admit - committing 4 fouls in 6 minutes last January against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is inexcusable. Here's to hoping those days are behind us.

Our latest installment of the Player Preview, featuring Isaiah Armwood, continues after The Jump

Courtesy of Sean Donovan, Isaiah's 2009-10 Highlight Reel captures all the ferocious dunks and Dwayne Anderson-esque hustle that Villanova fans look for on a Friday afternoon. I wish I could remember both of those throw downs at Madison Square Garden last year against St. John's......but lets just say they both happened in the 2nd half after the first bottle of Ketel One was gone and we'll leave it at that.

In all seriousness, the biggest takeaway from this video in this idiot blogger's eyes occurs at the 0:56 mark. Utilizing the pick & roll is something that disappeared last season with the departure of Dante Cunningham & Co, and Villanova's lack of a consistent half court offense magnified this weakness as the season progressed. I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll be seeing a lot more pick & roll involving Isaiah and Maalik Wayns in the future. Combine that with the hope of Jay breaking out the full court press featuring Isaiah at the top on the ball, and I think we might have found Jay Bilas' favorite new player in the Big East.

The biggest and most obvious question/concern for Villanova fans regarding Isaiah Armwood is: where does he fit on the basketball court? This was recently touched upon briefly over at VUHoops and I agree with the comments - most notably @Brianisawesome - that the contributions from Armwood will depend on the role he defines for himself in practice and on the hardwood. Will Armwood assume the role of Taylor King as the defacto 1st Forward off the bench? Will he press Antonio Pena for a potential starting role? Is he ready for that responsibility?

What do you think? Have at it in the comments.