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JayVaughn in Trouble

On Saturday night, November 6th, JayVaughn Pinkston was allegedly involved in an altercation at a recognized fraternity party (Sig Ep) in Upper Merion Township that lead to the other party in the hospital. The Associated Press is now confirming that Villanova is "reviewing" the incident.

2:40p Update: A police report for assault was filed after the police were called in at Bryn Mawr Hospital early Sunday morning. No arrests have been made. From the Associated Press:

Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Maurer said Upper Merion police responded to Bryn Mawr Hospital at the request of another police agency early Sunday morning for an assault report involving this case. He said there is an investigation into an altercation in a residential area of the township and that there have been no arrests.

"By the end of the week well have an answer," he said. "This isn't something we're going to rush to make a decision on."

3:25p Update: According to Dan Gelston of the AP, Jay Wright said that Pinkston will continue to practice with the team, but his status for Friday's Opener against Bucknell is uncertain. Wright continued that there was no curfew in effect on Saturday night and that news of the incident "really surprised [him]. JayVaughn's a great kid." Wright followed up that "[Pinkston] probably made a mistake". Coach Wright concluded, "I still feel great about the guys we have, I feel great about the program."

Nov9 Update: Rumors suggest that there may have been another teammate present at the time of the altercation. No media reports have named other members of the team at this time. Dylan Butler of the New York Post is reporting that team sources expect Pinkston to be suspended for the team's first four games.

At VUhoops we have been shown some evidence suggesting that some altercation did occur. Details are still scarce at the moment, but if this was as serious as reports suggest, it will be a very different situation from Reggie Redding's marijuana incident last year. Villanova may be forced to hand down a lengthy suspension and may even remove Pinkston from the basketball program altogether.

Meetings are reportedly being held today to determine what occurred as well as the appropriate course of action for Villanova to respond.

This is not good news for a Villanova program that had a couple of run-ins with the law last season. Jay Wright was surely hoping that those mistakes were behind him.