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JayVaughn Pinkston Charged With Two Counts Of Simple Assault

Villanova has finally released and official statement regarding JayVaughn's Pinkston's rumoured involvement in an off-campus fight.

On Saturday night, November 6, an incident involving Villanova men’s basketball player JayVaughn Pinkston and several other students occurred at an off-campus location. The University has been informed that the Upper Merion Township Police are charging JayVaughn Pinkston with two counts of simple assault and harassment. Earlier this week, Villanova opened its own internal review to determine whether Code of Student Conduct violations had occurred in this matter. The University is moving forward with this review as quickly and diligently as possible in order to assure fairness to everyone. Until a decision is reached, JayVaughn will not play in games, but will be allowed to participate in other team activities.

Jay Wright also added some insight.

JayVaughn is very aware of the seriousness of this matter and how it could impact the team. He understands there is a great lesson to be learned here.

...Pretty much what we've been expecting since we learned of this news via The Dream on Sunday morning...oh well...hopefully he gets a second chance...