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Mike Jensen of the Philadelphia Inquirer produced a piece today where he discusses Villanova Football's looming BIG EAST decision. Many of the questions have been asked and answered here on VUhoops already, but a few choice quotes:

Q: Has the Big East been pressuring Villanova for an answer?

A: Not yet, we're told, but that pressure starts now, since the announcement earlier this month that the Big East is committed to expanding from eight to 10 football schools. [. . .] Villanova has a board of trustees meeting scheduled for December. As of now, there is not expected to be a formal vote about football at that meeting [. . .]

Q: There have been some reports that Villanova has already told the Big East it is coming. True?

A: False. Villanova has made its interest clear and doesn't want the door closed. But it hasn't walked through the door yet or even telegraphed its entrance. The school is in what might be termed the "engagement of donors" phase of its fact-finding.

Q: Can Villanova make money playing Big East football?

A: That's not the right question. Villanova loses money now playing football in the Colonial Athletic Association at the Football Championship Series level, even as the defending national champion. The school spends almost $5 million, while taking in just $1 million in revenues. Expect the school to try to hit roughly that same mark right off the bat in the Big East, allowing for about a $4 million hit. The difference is that the school's spending will triple, but the TV and bowl shares would make up for it.

Q: Is the entire Villanova community in favor of this move?

A: From what we hear, no. There are some influential figures who wonder what a Division I-A football culture would mean for the school.

Q: Would Villanova be content to be a bottom of the Big East football member?

A: That isn't the intent, obviously. The idea would be to be competitive, not just to get by.

Q: If Villanova ends up in a basketball league with Georgetown and other schools that don't play big-time football, is that such a bad thing?

A: The fear is that the BCS leagues will gain more power in the years ahead [. . .] the BCS schools will call the shots and get most of the money. And if Villanova isn't competing with Louisville and Connecticut and Pittsburgh and others in basketball, it's reasonable to think it will be tougher to get to a Final Four even from a league with Georgetown, Providence, and Marquette and maybe a Xavier. The biggest-spending schools typically are the ones advancing in March.

Q: So what's the guess: Will Villanova make the move?

A: The guess is yes [. . .]

Q: Worst-case scenario, Villanova moves up, and Big East football falls apart after Villanova makes the upgrade. What then?

A: Villanova might make the case that it would be a perfect fit for the ACC [. . .]

Check out the article on for the rest of the questions and answers.