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Closest to the Pin Contest Round 3: Boston University

Update: Game Results: With the Cat’s 82-66 win over Boston University, we congratulate eleven VUH readers who took medals in this round. Gold Medals: Palsgraf (81-66), doctor feelgoodes (81-66), and super nova (82-65) earning 2.5 points each; Silver Medals: EG’77 (80-66), cdtoffers (83-65), DP5 (81-65), and Esto (81-65), earning 1.5 points each; Bronze Medals: David (84-65), mattymo (80-65), Christopher Coggins ((80-65) and Fishers Talent’13 (82-63) earning 0.5 pts each.


Reader Points
Dj pizzle 3.0
doctor feelgoodes 2.5
Joey 2.5
Palsgraf 2.5
super nova 2.5
cdtoffers 1.5
CMM 1.5
DP5 1.5
EG'77 1.5
Esto 1.5
FLM'33 1.5
novafan95 1.5
Pete (Aliti 13) 1.5
Christopher Coggins 0.5
David 0.5
David '06 0.5
FishersTalent13 0.5
mattymo 0.5

Update: Wednesday, November 17 (Game Time) A total of 104 VUH readers posted predictions with none favoring Boston U. As a group, the readers saw ‘Nova winning 79-63 (a margin of 16.0 points and implied over/under of 142). The Las Vegas odds makers pick Nova by 16.0 points and set the over/under at 160 points, implying a score of 88-72 .

Scatter graph depicting the readers’ predictions:

Window Opening: Tuesday, November 16. The window is now open for readers to post their predicted final scores for Nova’s game against Boston University on Wednesday in our Closest to the Pin Contest. After two rounds, our leader board has Dj Pizzle in first place with 3.0 points, Joey in second place with 2.5 points, and CMM, FLM’33, novafan95 and Pete Alita ’13 tied for third place with 1.5 points each.

The #6 Cats (2-0) have won their first two games, scoring an average of 76 points while giving up an average of 50. Boston University is not ranked. They are 1-1 this season, scoring an average of 70 points while giving up an average of 67 points.

Keep an eye out for Brian's game preview.

Special Note: When posting predictions, be sure to:

•Rule change: given the extraordinary number of readers participating in the contest, we can no longer fully enforce our rule prohibiting duplicate score predictions. We will only adjust scores that duplicate those of the three readers at the top of our leader board (to ensure that there is no piggybacking); scores that duplicate other readers will be accepted.

•use a consistent handle / ID so that we can keep an accurate running leader board over the course of the season. Obviously, score predictions posted by anonymous readers cannot be accepted.

•list your predicted score for Villanova first, followed by the score for the opponent (e.g., Cats 100, Marist 75)