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The Day After: Sophomores Dominate Marist, Where In The World Is Casiem Drummond?

That was a really fun game to watch last night. It's always good when the Villanova Wildcats win, but this wasn't just a win, it was utter domination. The defense, the offense, the BALANCE of productivity throughout the entire team, and the always-appreciated appearance of Russell Wooten.

This one had it all.

But the best part for me was the emergence of 3 sophomores to lead this team to victory. We all were positive that so went Corey Fisher, Corey Stokes and Antonio Pena, so went this team. But it was Maalik Wayns, Dominic Cheek, and Maurice Sutton that stole the show last night. (Okay, to be fair, we all included Wayns in that first group. But still.).

Wayns and Cheek in particular showed flashes of why we were all so giddy when they became Wildcats. Wayns was all over the place on both ends of the floor - and Cheek even more so. I still believe that Stokes is our most versatile defender, but Dom is going to give him a run for his money all season.

The thing that puzzled me the most - where was Casiem Drummond. You'll remember that Drummond the Enigma transferred to Marist in late 2008. He then was ruled academically ineligible in late 2009 before he ever suited up for Marist. And finally, he landed at Georgetown College about a month later.

That was all found by Googling 'Casiem Drummond Downfall.' Fine I made that up. But seriously, what happened there?

More on what I liked, and didn't like, after The Jump.

Like: The defense - Was that something to behold or what? How many perimeter steals did we have? I know Mouphtaou Yarou had one. Fisher and Wayns had some. Cheek had at least one that he took for a flush. That was pretty to watch, and reminded me of a few years ago.

Dislike: Star players getting calls - Antonio Pena and Yarou were getting the benefit of a lot of let 'em play calls. Isaiah Armwood was not. This happens to all teams. It just isn't right. Call it the same for everyone.

Like: Corey Stokes' continued willingness to shoot - They still aren't falling consistently, but this is a HUGE turnaround from the player who shot only 3's. Keep it up Stokes.

Like: Corey Fisher's night - Yeah, he didn't shoot the ball well, but he still had a huge impact on the game. He picked up his distribution on the night and was a menace on defense. Well played Fish.

Dislike: The Student Section - WTF guys/girls?! I can't remember a game other than spring break that those bleachers weren't full. I got a couple of emails from students saying something about them having class. I hope they were kidding. Unless you had a test, you should have been at that game. And if you did have a test, shame on your teacher.

Like: Jay Williams (the analyst) - He's getting better, I'll give him that. And he really likes the 'Nova guards (no surprise). Keep up the love Jay, and we'll keep giving it to you.

Dislike: Rob Stone - When's our first Sean McDonough game?

Like: 24 hours of college hoops - Well done ESPN, and we'll see you next year!

Dislike: Jay Wright - Don Jay, you sat on the bench ALL GAME! GET UP AND YELL! I like when he's fired up. Sure there wasn't much for him to complain about in this one. Yell at the scorer's table or something. Get T'ed up (always a favorite). Just please, never leave me wanting more again.

Like: Mouph's defensive presence - He's getting so much more aggressive. He sets the tone early, and teams are just a little more hesitant to come inside. I shudder to think what he'll do to Fab Melo if the super-frosh doesn't improve his current form.

See you tonight when we take on the Boston U. Terriers!