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2 Days Later: Defense Swarming Again, 12 Assists for Maalik Wayns?!

(Early apologies that this is a day late - sometimes real life gets in the way.)

I think the biggest concern for all of us was how this team was going to look in the post-Scottie Reynolds era. Would the defense improve? Who would run the team? Who would pick up the scoring?

So far, the early results have been great. The defense has been the biggest revelation, with nearly everyone on the court playing top-quality D to bring us back a few years to when we were constantly throwing team's off of their gameplan. We particularly seem very aware of the other team's strengths, and whereas before we were letting them do what they want, now we are suffocating their first options.

As for the offense? It geniunely seems to be a team effort. EVERYONE is putting it in the hoop - just on different nights. It used to be when Reynolds was off, we were in for a long night. Now? If Corey Fisher can't find his shot, Maalik Wayns can take over. If he's content to distribute, we've seen Maurice Sutton, Dominic Cheek and Antonio Pena all have huge nights in the early-going. It's fun to watch.

As for the Boston U. Terriers two nights ago? That was a game I was generally fearful for. Pat Chambers knows our program. He was pumped for this game, no doubt. And we never let them have a whiff of a chance to stay in it. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

More on what I liked, and didn't like, after The Jump.

Like: Wayns' 12 assists - When was the last time a Villanova guard had that many? And honestly, if the announcers were updating me, I wouldn't have known. It was a quiet 12. Which is awesome. Can't wait until I actually notice.

Dislike: ESPN3 announcers - It's like they found two guys eating at Gullifty's and asked them to come down to call the game. Too many cliches, same thing over and over again. Did they even do some research on these players? Not sure how many times I heard Fisher-Price, but more than 1 makes me want to put my head through the TV.

Like: Mouphtaou Yarou and Antonio Pena together - Remember how frustrated we were with Pena for 3 years? Clearly, it's because he is a 4 and he was playing the 5. He's at his best facing the basket. He can still score with his back to it but he's an incredible passer for a big man. Mouph allows him freedom.

Like: Corey Stokes and Fisher shooting - Somebody needs to do. They both clearly have the green light. If they are both ever on at the same time, we're scoring 100. Take that to the bank.

Dislike: The Student Section - Who are we letting in these days? Do you guys not like basketball? FILL THOSE BLEACHERS TO THE BRIM. It's borderline embarrassing. If there was a legitimate reason (such as we didn't have the full-allotment of tickets because it's a tournament - then I apologize. If not, I will continue to berate you.

Like: Holding John Holland to 14 points - That guy is a gunner, and we smothered him. 3-11 from downtown and 5-18 overall. Awesome job by everyone (Stokes and Cheek primarily) involved.

Like: Russell Wooten and Dallas Ouano - May there be many more appearances for you two!

Like: UCLA Bruins at MSG - I want to put another beating on these. Plus, I hate Ben Howland. You ran away from the BIG EAST for glory, you stink now, and you left us with Darth Jamie Dixon. I hate him too.