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Villanova Football: We MUST Beat Delaware Football

I've been in denial about the Villanova Wildcats football team lately. They've been losing, and losing, and oh yeah losing some more. I don't like that.

But this weekend brings The Battle of the Blue. And frankly, we've owned the Delaware Blue Hens, our filthy neighbors to the south - although we do like your discounted prices on alcohol!

Matt Szczur, or Jesus, is looking likely to return this weekend from all reports, and from a Tweet of his this morning. And Lord knows we need it. Apart from stealing Michigan's uniforms and failing to get the blue right, Delaware is the (God this hurts) #1 team in the nation, and they sport a 9-1 record, with their lone loss coming to the William & Mary Tribe.

Szczur's presence will hopefully take a lot of pressure off Chris Whitney, who's had a rough few weeks, and the defense, which looks like it is starting to wear down.

More importantly, if we want any shot at making the playoffs and getting the chance to defend our title, we need this game. Lose, and even I wouldn't give us a spot in the playoffs. Come on lads!

Rant over. Kick the crap out of Delaware. Please.

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