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New York Times: Corey Fisher Focused On Positive Future

This is an awesome read from The New York Times, and amazingly something I'd never heard before about Corey Fisher, the electric PG who hails from The Bronx. Apparently Fisher's great uncle, Guy Fisher, was a notorious drug-lord whose story was part of the 2007 hit film American Gangster.

He is currently serving a life sentence for his role in one of New York City's most infamous crime conspiracies - and only serving it because his mentor ratted him out to reduce his own sentence.

Fisher was finally told the story about his uncle by his mother when she felt he was old enough, and that knowledge has helped Corey realize he didn't want to follow down the same path, even though he so easily could have. The things he's done, most notably enroll at St. Patrick's in Elizabeth, NJ (on his own nonetheless) to avoid a similar lifestyle are phenomenal.

"I had to be at Madison Square Garden at 5:15 to be at school on time," Fisher said, referring to Penn Station, which is below the arena. "I take the 22 bus in the Bronx to the 6 train in Castle Hill train station. Take the 6 train to 33rd Street, walk down 33rd, get on New Jersey Transit, get off at Elizabeth, then take a cab to St. Pat’s to be on time. Home room started at 7:15."

...Just a story that makes me appreciate having a player like him in the program so much more...definitely give this a'll make your Monday so much better...