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TCU To Join The BIG EAST in 2012

UPDATE: It's Official - and you can watch the press conference live.

Sources have told The New York Daily News that the TCU Horned Frogs have accepted an invitation from the BIG EAST to become an all-sports member. Fanhouse is reporting their start date will be July 1, 2012.

The Daily News has been told that Commissioner John Marinatto and Associate Commissioner in charge of communications John Paquette both flew to Dallas yesterday for an official announcement at 1 p.m. today. TCU would become the 9th football member and 17th member overall.

This line though, says it all in terms of Villanova.

For all we know, this could be just the first domino to drop in expansion. With TCU, the league now has 17 teams. The Big East has offered Villanova a chance to join in football, b ut the Philadelphia school seems to be dragging its feet about a decision and there is always a chance the Big East could invite Central Florida or even re-invite Temple to create a 10th football team and an 18th team in the league.

Frankly, I'm embarrassed for my school.

...I think this really puts the pressure on Villanova to accept (or decline - but don't do that)...the chips are starting to fall and we probably do not have until the spring to decide at this point...

...Stay tuned!...