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Top 5 Things I'm Excited For...

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As part of my Volvo-arranged trip back to Villanova this weekend, I was asked to write about the five things that I am most excited to do. Of course, the thing I am most excited about is watching a game in the Pavilion, but I suppose THAT one would be a cop-out answer.

I really hope that I will be able to do all five of these things on Friday:

1) Eating a REAL cheesesteak: If you had consumed some of the horrific attempts at cheesesteak that I have in my life, you'd be right on board with me on this one. You just can't get one done right outside of Philadelphia and it's immediate suburbs, so I always try to grab one while I'm around.

2) Make a late-night stop-off at Minella's Diner: It's hard to describe my love affair with Minella's. There really isn't one magic dish I can name that is always guaranteed to top my list of things to eat (except maybe the french onion soup), but the variety of options combined with the all-day hours always made it a top option for me.

3) Say hi to Tonya at the Corner Grille: I don't even know if Tonya is still even working there, but nobody made my Villanova experience more enjoyable like Tonya did. She not only served up the delicious chicken fingers and fries that used to power me through my days on campus, but she did it with a smile and some friendly banter. At one point, she called me her "boo" -- her highest honor.

4) Grabbing a pre-game shake at the Campus Corner: There is no Villanova institution that had my back as much as Campus Corner. At one point me and my roommate called them so often that they could recognize us from the caller-ID and personalize their "hello." Their shakes are delicious, of course, and are one of my favorite pre-game treats.

5) Celebrate a Villanova win: Hopefully the 'Cats will be able to come through for me and give me something to celebrate after the game. The Main Line is a great place to have a good time after a game, and I plan to make good use of all of it's "resources."


I'll be posting pictures on twitter and facebook during the weekend, and I'll have a blog post (or two) with some recaps of the game and weekend's events as well. I'll also have some free stuff to give away to Villanova fans, so find me on twitter on Friday for more info.


Thank again to the Naughty Volvo S60 campaign for setting everything up this weekend. Please check out and vote for me in their fan poll — the alma mater of the winning blogger will receive a donation from Volvo to it’s scholarship fund.

Special thanks to Jon Albert of the Villanovan for doing a write-up on me and the Biggest Fan contest.