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Philadelphia Inquirer: Villanova Football Upgrade to BIG EAST Would Be Costly

Very interesting - although in the end, fair - article about the proposed upgrade of Villanova football to the BIG EAST conference. In the article, Mike Jensen tackles several areas that could or will be affected by the upgrade. Topics such as the basketball program, the BIG EAST itself, and the faculty's thoughts are all provided in the article.

Most telling to me was the faculty aspect. According to Jensen the 'Faculty Congress' (whatever the hell that is) recently voted 29-0 AGAINST the move to FBS football. Why?

Villanova's Faculty Congress voted earlier this month on whether to support the move. According to several professors, the vote was 29-0 against going to the Big East in football, with one abstention. At two faculty forums held earlier this month to discuss the issue, faculty members "were all speaking with one voice" against the move, according to a biology professor.

"It's very difficult to get academics to agree on anything," said that professor, Michael Russell.

In an e-mail to Villanova president Peter Donahue, Russell wrote how a move to the Big East "would represent a black hole of resources . . . coming on the heels of salary and hiring freezes, as well as a gross inversion of priorities and mission."

So for our teachers, it comes down to money that they would stand to lose not receive should we spend more on football. No surprise there. But I never want to hear another teacher at Villanova saying they are in it for their love of teaching young people.

...I'm going to write a comprehensive post tonight (posted tomorrow morning) about why we HAVE to do this move...what are your thoughts on this article and about the move in general?...