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Note: Dominic Cheek Getting More Involved

You'll recall the excellent article that Andrew Trask wrote on The Nova Blog last week surrounding the team's recent struggles and his argument that Dominic Cheek needs to be more involved.

The article was well-timed as Dominic Cheek has been getting more and more involved lately. Since the win over the UCLA Bruins, Cheek's shots have gone up. Currently he is averaging 8.4 points per game, but if this recent trend continues that number will continue to rise.

It's clear just by the amount of shots he's taking that Dom is getting more involved in the offense. Whether that is straight from Jay Wright or a by-product of Cheek gaining more confidence is up to debate, but with this team struggling to find consistent offense lately, it doesn't hurt to have another player (and one we were all hoping for in the preseason) attempt to step up.

His 4-7 performance from downtown against La Salle (and when we NEEDED points) was especially encouraging. If he can join Corey Stokes as a consistent shooter, it will free up the lane for Corey Fisher and Maalik Wayns.