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Give a Christmas Present of Life

During the fourth-quarter of last night's football game, in a desperate grab for some sweet, victorious karma, I tweeted, "I will donate bone marrow for a comeback."

Well, I didn't get that comeback, but after mulling it over in my head for a few hours, I thought that maybe I should join the donor registry anyway. Instead of a karmic offering to the football gods, I would do it as a "thank you" to Coach Talley and his team for everything they have done for Villanova over the last few years.

Matt Szczur isn't the only Villanova player who has saved a life with his bone marrow, but he made Andy Talley's marrow drive program nationally prominent. It is an inspiring story that truly illustrates what Villanova is all about.

It took me maybe five minutes to register this morning. I gave some contact information and did a quick yes/no questionnaire. The National Marrow Donor Program will send me a kit in the mail: four cheek swabs. When I get it, I will swab my cheek and send it back.

If you want to join me in sending an Christmas present of life and a sign of thanks to Villanova Football for their excellent work: CLICK HERE.

You can also register in-person at a marrow-drive event.