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Closest to the Pin Round 11: Monmouth

Update: Game Results: Well, no one was within a mile of the final score, but some were less wrong than others. With the Cat’s 76-36 win over Monmouth, we congratulate eight VU Hoops readers who took medals in this game. Gold Medal: Hugh Jass (86-40), earning 5 points; Silver Medals: Dj pizzle (78-50) and Andy’06 (75-51), earning 3 points each; Bronze Medals: Pena Power (68-46), Rich’09 (77-53), novafan95 (79-51), Vinny’06 (78-52) and Beardog (79-51) earning 1 point each.


Reader Points
Joe 12.5
Pat'12 10.5
TC'87 10.5
TK87 8.5
Hugh Jass 7.5
Joey 7.5
Dj pizzle 6.0
mfc4293 6.0
Beardog 5.0
novafan95 5.0
Steph 4.5
Andy'06 4.0
Stevie V 3.5
Ed'08 3.0
miles'88 3.0
Colt 2.5
doctor feelgoodes 2.5
Palsgraf 2.5
super nova 2.5
David '06 2.0
cdtoffers 1.5
CMM 1.5
DP5 1.5
EG'77 1.5
Esto 1.5
FLM'33 1.5
Friar Fanatic'13 1.5
Mark A 1.5
mprams 1.5
Pete (Aliti 13) 1.5
Chicken Dinner 1.0
Pena Power 1.0
Rich'09 1.0
Vinny'06 1.0
bgunn 0.5
Brendan '10 0.5
Christopher Coggins 0.5
David 0.5
FishersTalent13 0.5
jimmy 0.5
Kitlesfan95 0.5
mattymo 0.5
Nervous Nelly 0.5

Update: Wednesday, December 22 (Game Time). A total of 81 VUHoops readers posted predictions, with none picking Monmouth. As a group, the readers see ‘Nova winning by a score of 82-59 (a margin of 23.0 points and implied over/under of 141). The Vegas odds makers did not post a betting line on this game.


Window Opening: Tuesday, December 21 (9:00 am). The window is now open for readers to post their predicted final scores for ‘Nova’s game at Monmouth on Wednesday at 7:00 PM in our Closest to the Pin Contest. After ten rounds Joe sits alone atop the leader board with 12.5 points. Click here to see our full leader board.

If you intend to place a wager on this game, check our our post VUHoops vs. Vegas.

The #8 Cats (9-1) have an RPI of 28, a SOS of 142 and are scoring an average of 76.8 PPG while giving up an average of 60.7 PPG. The Hawks (4-7) are not ranked, have an RPI of 282, a SOS of 282, and score an average of 59.7 PPG while allowing an average of 65.2 PPG. Monmouth’s more notable wins have come against Lehigh (+1), North Dakota (+5), and Hartford (+4). Their seven losses have included Davidson (-16), Idaho (-3), Princeton (-3), Rider (-20) and Rutgers (-23). More statistical information about Monmouth is available at

Be sure to check out Brian’s game preview.

Special Note: When posting predictions, be sure to consider:

  • List your predicted score for Villanova first, followed by the score for the opponent (e.g., Cats 100, Marist 75)
  • December – March Games (except Rivalry Games): Points are awarded to winners as follows: Bulls-eye = 10 points; Gold (non-bulls-eye) =5 pts; Silver = 3pts; Bronze = 1pt.
  • Rule change: given the extraordinary number of readers participating in the contest, we can no longer enforce our rule prohibiting duplicate score predictions. .
  • Use a consistent handle / ID so that we can keep an accurate running leader board over the course of the season. Obviously, score predictions posted by anonymous readers cannot be accepted.