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Szczur's Dilemma

Matt at the Crossroads's Paul Domowitch ran a feature on Matt Szczur in today’s edition. Highlights:

  • "[Szczur will play in] the Senior Bowl next month along with Villanova’s Ben Ijalana.
  • "He's the real deal," said NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock. "He's a slot receiver who compares favorably to any of those quicker-than-fast receivers you see in the NFL … a legitimate third- or fourth-round pick"
  • "[T]here's little to no downside [to drafting him]. Worst-case scenario, you're going to get a heckuva special-teams player. But a creative coach [paging Andy Reid, paging Bill Belichick], the sky could be the limit.''

Matt, of course, also is under contract to play baseball for the Chicago Cubs. He soon must make a choice between continuing his baseball career or taking a shot at professional football. What do you think he should do?

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