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BREAKING: JayVaughn Pinkston Suspended For The Year

Here is the official press release from Villanova:

It was announced today that as a result of disciplinary proceedings Villanova University student and men’s basketball player JayVaughn Pinkston has been suspended from the University for the spring semester. During this time, Pinkston will not be permitted to attend classes or play basketball for the University. In June 2011, Pinkston will regain his status as a "student in good standing" and will be eligible to resume competition as a member of Villanova’s men’s basketball team, which he intends to do. All other aspects of Villanova University’s disciplinary process as it relates to Pinkston are confidential.

Coach Jay Wright:

"I am in support of the University’s decision. JayVaughn understands that there are consequences to his actions, and I believe he will continue to handle this in a mature manner. We look forward to his return in June."

JayVaughn Pinkston:

"I am sorry. This situation is my responsibility and I have learned from it. I am going to work extremely hard so that I can return to the Villanova family in June."

We've been hearing this was going to be the result for a while now, so no surprise there. I AM extremely disappointed in the school though. Yes, he made a mistake. And yes, he should pay for it. But he is paying for it by losing basketball. He should still be in school.

The school should be supporting him, not sending him away. They're at fault there.

Best of luck JayVaughn, work hard, and come back ready to play next season. We will need you.