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Welcome to The Nova Blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Nova Blog, the newest addition to the SB Nation community. You may remember us as the guys who brought you 'I Bleed Blue and White' for several years, but we've made a step up and we're poised to do bigger and better things!

We started out as 3 guys consuming way too much alcohol and discovering Blogspot around 4 a.m. one night after a big 'Nova win. Since then, we've developed the ability to string together actual thoughts and convert those into semi-comprehensive English for your reading pleasure.

The staff will remain the same, with one new addition:

  • Chris Lane
  • Jamie Poster
  • Mark Ulep
  • Brian Holman
  • Andrew Trask

We're all Villanova '09 grads with a great passion for Villanova hoops, and we're looking forward to going through the ups and downs of the season with you. SB Nation is a great community that lets the readers get much more involved with FanPosts and FanShots and we're hoping that this will lead to much more discussion!

We appreciate all the support from all our readers and we hope you'll continue to enjoy the new content here at The Nova Blog!