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The Open Thread: Selection Sunday!



The most important day of the college basketball season is here and what months ago looked like a relaxing, enjoyable afternoon of talking trash to our fellow Big East friends, today has turned into a nerve wracking countdown to see if our Wildcats will draw a matchup that allows us to advance past next Thursday. This is your Selection Sunday thread: will next week provide glorious moments like Scottie Reynodls' buzzer beater against Pittsburgh or are we doomed to get upset in the second round by a Cinderella with a 7 footer who fouls out our entire front line. Get at us in the comments.

Added by Chris:

Can't imagine us dropping lower than a 4, but the more I think about it I think we're going to get a 3. Really hoping to get Duke as our 1-seed, but that's probably not going to happen, despite my constant praying. If that doesn't happen, I'd love to end up with Purdue in the same bracket as us, as I think we'd have no problem with them, especially since Robbie Hummel is no longer in play.

Just about an hour to go now!