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The Open Thread: The Dance - Day 1


Here is your Open Thread for the first day of The NCAA Tournament. Good God I'm excited. Like a 5-year old on his way to Disney World. Or on speed.

Either way, we'll be chatting here all day about not just Villanova-Robert Morris (which tips off at 12:30 p.m. ET - if you didn't know that, just quit), but all the day's action. The most exciting part for me is going to be when somebody loses their first Sweet Sixteen team. That should be high comedy.

Also, make sure you click here for full ecstasy. This will allow those of you who aren't in front of the TV to still enjoy the best day of the year! And just so you know, The March Madness widget is located on the right-hand side for future use. Thank me (actually the SB Nation guys) later.

Let's Go Nova!