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Markus Kennedy delays enrollment to 'Nova

In what is a not-so-surprising story to many, 2010 Villanova recruit Markus Kennedy has delayed his enrollment to Villanova and will instead spend a post-graduate year at The Winchendon School where he is currently enrolled. Markuskennedy5_11150_medium


The story was first reported by Dave Telep from Scout on his Twitter page, and later VUHoops let the Villanova world know about it.

...Can't say I'm shocked...I've heard rumors about this...Kennedy was probably looking at a redshirt year anyways with a pretty loaded frontcourt returning, so it may be a blessing in disguise for he and the program to get another year of game-action at Winchendon while continuing to work on his fitness/academics...

...Kennedy will now be coming in for 2011...Cory Joseph seems to be the main man left for 2010 -- and all signs point to him being down to Villanova at the Texas Longhorns...more on him later...