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Time to address the Reynolds/Fisher rumors

UPDATE: After an email exchange with A.J. I need to apologize for my rant on him. After discussing the situation with him, he noted he was trying to show how crazy the rumor was as well, not that it was in fact true.

Apologies to A.J. and best of luck in the future.

I'm so reluctant to do this, I really am. It's such an ugly rumor (and one that isn't even completely true. I say completely because there are certain elements that are true. This appears to be like a game of 'Telephone' where one person got wind of something and it morphed into some super-rumor.

And keep in mind, nobody really knows what happened besides the team. Until somebody from that camp opens their mouths, everything else is hearsay. Plus, it's Deadspin with the story. Not ESPN or FOX or CBS or anything like that. So again, take it for what it is worth.

So here we go...

A.J. Daulerio decided to write this story over at Deadspin, and the internet erupted last night. I've already heard multiple versions of this warped story over the past few weeks, but this by far took the cake.

Kyle L. (my alumni brethren) over at Crossing Broad did a good job just a few minutes ago by poking some holes in Daulerio's attempt at journalism -- namely the fact that Daulerio actually believes Jay Wright asked Corey Fisher to transfer before his senior year. Yeah, sure. That makes total sense.

So here's my take, and here's what I've heard:There was some kind of blowup between Scottie Reynolds and Fisher. There may have even been more than one. But it was NOT over Fisher knocking up Reynolds' girlfriend. And I've heard from some other people that this rift was indeed a major factor in the Wildcats demise. It just came to a point where they couldn't co-exist. What was it over? I have no clue, and I honestly don't care.

What I do care about is that there is now an ugly rumor out there about two of the faces of our school. And if this all turns out to be true, I'll eat my crow. But I truly believe that the 'facts' that are being reported right now are false. It seems like a couple of different rumors all got piled into one, and some guy with a keyboard decided to take shot at putting it together.

Phew, that felt good to get off my chest.