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Lacrosse Coverage coming to TheNovaBlog!



After getting lightly questioned by Brian Harrison of Orange::44 about why we weren't covering lacrosse, I began to ponder the issue. My first thought was, "Because we don't have a team numbnuts." Then I realized we did, and we're actually quite good (relatively speaking -- we ain't no Syracuse Orange. God that hurts to say.).

So I reached out to Pops (he hides behind the jhulax22 moniker on here), who has some lacrosse background and can actually probably analyze an AP recap and box score to let you know how the team is actually doing. He wholeheartedly agreed to start covering our lacrosse team starting with Saturday's bout with the mighty Manhattan Jaspers.

Note: I think he was guilt-tripped by his lack of writing since the basketball season ended.

Regardless, starting Sunday morning, you'll have your fix of Villanova Wildcats lacrosse!

Come on, I know you're excited.