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Back to the Hardwood

Since the hoops season ended, the posts have become quite sparse as you may have noticed.  With the NBA Draft on the horizon though, action should start to pick up.  Workouts are in full swing and mock drafts are changing by the second.  Most of these mock drafts do not include Scottie Reynolds, but all he has to do is impress one team.  We all know that Scottie was a great college player, and if the NBA Draft was based on college production, Reynolds would obviously be near the very top as Eamonn Brennan points out.  Unfortunately for Scottie, the NBA is a completely different level, where superior physical tools are a virtual requirement.  So will Reynolds be drafted?  Probably not.  Nonetheless, it is a guarantee that Scottie is going to work as hard as he can to give himself a shot.  The Minnesota Timberwolves gave Reynolds a shot last week to show what he can do at one of their pre-draft workouts.  In a post workout interview, Scottie commented on how he did and what he thinks he can bring to an NBA squad.  By the way, as shown in the video, it looks like Scottie is growing his hair out a little.

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One of Scottie Reynolds' former teammates, Corey Fisher, hopes to be working out for NBA teams next year at this time, but right now, he is 100% focused on his senior season on the Main Line.  So far, Jay Wright has been impressed with the senior trio of Antonio Pena, Corey Stokes, and Fisher in terms of their leadership.  Hopefully, this isn't just "coach-talk," because the off the court issues have to stop this year.  If all goes right, the Wildcats of Villanova will certainly be one of the favorites in the perennially rugged Big East, as Rivals describes. 

For all you lax junkies out there like myself, on Memorial Day, Duke takes on Notre Dame in the national championship on ESPN at 3:30 pm.