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Scottie Reynolds, This Bud's For You!

In case you missed it, way back when, The Nova Blog's tribute to Reggie Redding.

This one is LONG overdue. There was couple-week period after I finished the Redding tribute where I tried to write this a a few times, and each time stopped halfway through because I didn't think I was heading in the right direction. After several attempts I just gave up, because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to put Scottie's impact into the right words.

Then today I watched the replay of the Phoenix Suns vs. D-League Select Summer League game. Scottie had a great debut for the Suns, and is already turning heads after just one game and has some Phoenix writers talking about him making the team for the coming year. Watching him play brought back all the memories that he left us with.

So Scottie, here's my 3 paragraph attempt at trying to put what you did for me, along with all of 'Nova Nation into words. And, of course, this Bud's for you!

Scottie Reynolds was called many things during his career at Villanova. A savior. God (by me). The greatest to ever wear the uniform. Too small. Not quick enough. The face of Villanova basketball. And everyone who said those things was probably right at one time or another during his career. Except for me. I was under the influence when I called him that.

But the one thing that Scottie did was provide us something to unite around. He provided moments each year that didn't need descriptions, or blog posts, or articles in the papers. You could sit back, look at the people around you, and just know that you were watching someone special. I realized that all the words, spoken or written, can't properly sum up with he brought to this school and this program.

And because I'm contradicting my own theory because by just writing this, I'm leaving you in the capable hands of Sean Donovan, because I think this is the best way to remember Scottie Reynolds -- by reliving what he brought for us.