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James Bell Out Indefinitely With Stress Fractures

Villanova freshman SG/SF James Bell will be sidelined indefinitely with stress fractures in both tibia's of his legs. Bell is under the care of Team Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Rob Good, and will be evaluated in October.

Jay Wright on Bell:

"We're disappointed for James," stated Villanova head coach Jay Wright. "He has acclimated himself very well academically and socially at Villanova in his short time with us. I am sure he will take that same kind of mature approach with his rehab. We don't know how long he will be out, but we will monitor his rehab closely."

...And now we are down to 9 scholarship players...yay...I don't think this should keep Bell out all year, but I think it certainly makes the redshirt a more viable option than it may have been before...speedy recovery to you James...