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We've Got Fake Money And We're Gonna Blow It All!

Ken DeCelles
of Voodoo 5 (the resident South Florida blog 'round these parts) reached out to the BIG EAST schools on SB Nation (plus a few choice individuals) to put together a friendly, which will undoubtedly turn ugly, contest in which we gamble on college football every weekend.

The rules are fairly simple. We have to bet on at least 3 games every week, 1 of these has to include a BIG EAST program, and we have to spend a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $250 every week.

Not surprisingly, Week 1 didn't go exactly as planned for most of us. But hey, my propensity for winning awards continues as I take home 'Worst Bet' and 'Most Degenerate Bet.' And that will not be the last time if history surrounding this extracurricular activity has taught us anything.

But, it's a new week. And even though I'm low man on the totem pole doesn't mean I'm down and out yet. And look what I did, I'm not slowing down (and I've already won a game).

Auburn Tigers -1.5 at Mississippi St. Bulldogs --$100

I know all about the reverse line movement here, but I just don't see a way that Miss State wins this game. The biggest reasons I've heard from Miss State supporters is that it's a Thursday night game and they are at home. No argument about them being more talented, better coached, etc. Auburn has owned this series in recent years as well.

3-Team Parlay -- Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets -14 at Kansas Jayhawks, Rutgers Scarlet Knights -18.5 vs. Fla. International Golden Panthers, Hawaii Warriors +3 at Army Black Knights -- $50

Kansas scored 3 points on North Dakota State (I had to doublecheck that). Georgia Tech is going to run rampant. Rutgers is my BIG EAST game. I didn't really like anything all across the conference, so whatever. Hawaii has to travel a long way, but I'm shocked they are underdogs after playing quite well against a clearly underachieving USC team last weekend.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish -Michigan Wolverines OVER 52 -- $50

I could see both teams playing this game in the 30's. Both offense look good, both defenses look average.

For all the degenerate picks, check out this week's post on Voodoo 5!