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AD: Villanova Pondering FBS Move

Not that this is news to anyone who actually follows the school's athletic programs, but this is the first time that anyone relevant from the school has actually come out and admitted that this is a real possibility -- and I see that as only a good thing.

While we all knew there were some talks that were on-going, it's been very odd that nobody has come out and given a 'Yes, we're thinking about it.' That's no longer the case. Athletic Director Vince Nicastro had this to say:

"The Big East very recently communicated its interest in adding Villanova as a football member," AD Vince Nicastro told the Daily News on Thursday. "As a result, we have decided to embark on an in-depth evaluation of this opportunity."

As the article continues to suggest, the biggest hurdle is the increased funding that this will cost. The stadium needs an upgrade, and we'd need to fund more scholarships in not only football, but in women's sports as well to meet Title IX requirements (don't get me started on that, please).

Our own Jamie Poster thinks this idea is an apocalypse waiting to happen, but how can you not get excited?

Bottom line, this is exciting news. There's tons of alumni support for this and according to all the chatter on the internet, this IS a very real possibility.

Also make sure to check out Voodoo 5's thoughts on the move (what a surprise, they would welcome it). Collin does a great job breaking down the obstacles and the benefits of the move.

And oh my lord, Boston College thinks it's a good idea too!

Let's hear your thoughts on the possible move up to the BIG EAST...