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Basketball Season Preview Schedule

We're just 2 weeks into the football season yet we're already thinking basketball. But that's what happens when you become one of the big boys year-in and year-out (we're not at the elite level yet, but we're inching closer each year).

Our team here at The Nova Blog is all geeked up to start previewing the coming season, so whose to slow them down? Plus, I follow just about every player on Twitter and I'm beginning to melt at their tweets about how good the team looks every day.

So here's the plan -- we're going to start off by previewing one player each week, starting with new walk-on Dallas Ouano this week, and go from there. Here's the preliminary schedule:

Week of Sept. 13th - Dallas Ouano (Chris)

Week of Sept. 20th - JayVaughn Pinkston (Chris)

Week of Sept. 27th - James Bell (Pops)

Week of Oct. 4th - Dominic Cheek (Trask

Week of Oct. 11th - Isaiah Armwood (Poster)

Week of Oct. 18th - Mouphtaou Yarou (Trask)

Week of Oct. 25th - Maalik Wayns (Pops)

Week of Nov. 1st - Maurice Sutton (Chris)

Week of Nov. 8th - Antonio Pena (Poster)

Week of Nov. 15th - Corey Stokes (Pops)

Week of Nov. 22nd - Corey Fisher (Trask)

In between, we'll have tons of pieces on the team, the conference, our opponents, and everything in between.

The topics are still up in the air, so we're going to give our readers an opportunity to suggest some topics they'd like to see our opinions on, and of course discuss themselves in a forum. Let's have your thoughts!