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preGame: Villanova at Lehigh

Oh, right -- there's a football game tomorrow. I almost forgot about this with the EXPLOSION of Villanova news that came out today (James Bell surgery, Russell Wooten returns, and most importantly, both the President and the Athletic Director have confirmed that we are exploring an FBS move in football).

But first things first, we've got some Lehigh ass to kick tomorrow.This game is pretty straightforward to me - we mauled Lehigh last year, we're still better than them this year, and we should once again have no problem. The only concern I have is a post-Temple hangover, but I think we're too veteran a team to let that happen.

And for a much more in-depth take, check out the following previews from our amigos on the interwebs:

Fact On Villanova Sports has some Keys to the Game, most notably, don't fix what ain't broke:

What killed Villanova in the game against Temple was the fact that they got conservative in the second half and didn't stick to what worked.  I don't know what the deal was, but I believe Aaron Ball only had one carry in the second half of last Friday's game, after punishing the Temple defense with his running in the first half.  The best way to allow a team back into a game is to alter your game plan and play to prevent a loss rather than continually trying to score.  Unless the game is completely out of reach, the coaches shouldn't stray too far from what they did when they had the most success.

Fact always sits down with Lehigh Football Nation for a nice Q&A where we get the lowdown on our opponents. There's some good enough in there and Fact does a great job of posing some questions that I'm now glad I have a Lehigh perspective on.

Also make sure to check out the Official Villanova Preview on the Athletics site.

Oh, and apparently there is a casino like 10 minutes away from the stadium. So for all you degenerates, you just got a reason to support Villanova Football