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The Open Thread: Villanova at Lehigh

Villanova kicks off the FCS and CAA season today when they travel to Lehigh and try to take down the Mountain Hawks. Kickoff is set for 12:30 p.m. ET at Goodman Stadium.

Villanova destroyed Lehigh 38-17 last year at Villanova Stadium, and based on the returning players for each team, we Villanovans should be hoping for a similar result this time around. Looks like we're SOL for TV this week but the play-by-play is available on 950-AM ESPN Radio in Philadelphia.

Use this post to talk about the game before, during and after. Will Villanova be able to come home with a W? Will there be a hangover from the Temple loss? How many alums head straight to the nearby casino immediately following the game?

Let's Go Nova!