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The Nova Blog on ESPN Radio

Here's my quick little bit on ESPN Radio from Friday afternoon where I chat with a couple of Syracuse radio hosts on the news that Villanova is officially exploring joining the BIG EAST in football. A couple random thoughts:

The Nova Blog on ESPN Radio 97.7

  • I still have no idea what these guys names are - the controller never told me. Just rolling with punches.
  • I could barely hear them and was getting paranoid that they couldn't hear me at all.
  • I wish I was on longer -- wanted to say some more things regarding the positives that this move would bring to the university.

I'd love some feedback on how I did -- it was my first time doing such a thing (other than the time that I called into Boomer & Carton still kind of drunk from the night before) and I was nervous/excited and listening to it now I can see that come through.

Still tons of fun and I'm sure I'll be back on before Syracuse/Villanova meet in hoops.