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Player Preview: Dallas Ouano

Time to take a closer look at the newest member of the Villanova Basketball Team, Dallas Ouano. This is going to be short and sweet -- pretty much because none of us know what we're getting. So we're going to go off his player profile on

Ouano spent last season on the practice squad and gained a reputation as a hard-working player who's not afraid to get involved with the scholarship players.

The 6'0" guard from Holmdel, NJ played his ball at Christian Brothers Academy in High School. Playing for CBA placed him in the same region as Dominic Cheek and Corey Fisher, who he faced in high school.

There was one line that made me laugh though -- and it's only because I'm in love with The Jersey Shore.

Helped lead C.B.A. to the Jersey Shore Conference Finals in 2007.

So basically what you are telling me is Dallas is a Jersey Shore guy. And looking at his picture I guess I kind of see it -- no offense intended but he's got the Vinny look going on. Not sure I'm the biggest fan of Vinnie. I mean he got with Angelina for Pete's sake. I repeat, Angelina.

Is he a Pauly D kind of character? I think that's disqualified by the fact that he's not rocking the world's greatest blowout:

Ronnie? Dallas doesn't exactly look like he's been eating steroids. So whose that leave...?

Oh yeah, The Sitch. I don't really know why I'm comparing Dallas to The Situation. Probably because that guy carries the show and is the biggest character I've seen in my lifetime -- and I'd like Dallas to become a hit within 'Nova Nation. I'm not sure how he's created this life for himself but goddamn if I don't love the guy. So there.

Sorry Dallas -- that preview took a violent left turn that I didn't even see coming. But with the lack of information on you I needed to go somewhere with this. Best of luck this season!

You can follow Dallas on Twitter here.